Calgary Police Take to Social Media

Recently Calgary Police published an important video message in memory of Shaw Meadows alumni, Mike Maniago. In 2008, WHL goaltender Mike Maniago was tragically killed in an alcohol related collision when he and his younger brother were returning home after going out for pizza. Mike’s Jetta was hit by a vehicle turning left on Marquis of Lorne Trail S.E. He died instantly. Mike’s godfather, a Constable with the Calgary Police Service, along with Mike’s father, share their painful story via social media.

Sgt. Dominic Barbario of CPS told local news that, “We wanted to reach out to as many people as possible and we realized the importance and the effectiveness of social media, Twitter and, Facebook,”

DUI’s Deadly in Calgary

In 2013 in Calgary there have been 15 fatal traffic collisions, 5 of which were alcohol related. Calgary Police have said that the prevalence of driving while intoxicated is higher in Alberta than any other province in Canada.

According to Statistics Canada, 450 impaired driving charges were laid per 100,000 people in Alberta in 2011 — the national average was 262. The data collected would not reflect changes to impaired driving legislation in Alberta that came into effect last year and bring longer suspensions for .05 blood-alcohol level violations and indefinite prohibitions for .08 violations.

Charged with a DUI In Calgary, Alberta?

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Posted on June 25th, 2013