Putting Sexual Assault Testimony In Doubt

Greg Dunn is currently serving as defense counsel for Dr. Aubrey Levin. Dr. Levin currently is on trial for sexual assault while working as a court appointed psychologist. Greg Dunn’s criminal defence team has suggested that the Crown has given preferential treatment to a potential witness in exchange for testimony. If you are facing criminal charges for sexual assault, sexual interference, or other serious criminal charges, contact our criminal law office in Calgary and speak with our legal defence team about your criminal matter.

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Repeated outbursts on the stand earned a contempt-of-court citation for the Crown’s main witness against a former Calgary forensic psychiatrist accused of molesting several male patients.

The witness, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, became angry when defence lawyer Greg Dunn suggested the man secretly recorded Dr. Aubrey Levin fondling his genitals during appointments in an attempt to extort money from him.

“You think I liked that?” the man said, adding he did it to prevent Levin from victimizing others.

The witness, known as RB, then raised his arms over his head in a victory gesture.

“You’ll never hurt anyone else, Levin,” he said, then patted himself on the back.

Archer immediately asked Justice Donna Shelley to clear the jury from the courtroom.

When the jury returned, Shelley cited RB for contempt of court, noting she had already cautioned him several times about his behaviour.

Shelley told RB the penalty for contempt will be decided at the end of Levin’s trial.

Videos secretly taken by RB using a wristwatch equipped with a camera make up part of the Crown’s case against Levin, who is accused of touching or fondling the genitals of nine men, many during court-ordered appointments between 1999 and 2010.

Levin, 73, has pleaded not guilty to all allegations and, in a videotaped police statement played in court, claimed he was conducting a medical procedure related to erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases.

RB went to police in March 2010 after secretly videotaping two sessions with Levin.

On Monday, court saw a video of RB’s session in Levin’s office from March 3, 2010.

Archer asked RB if he had discussed any concerns about sexual side-effects caused by medication he was taking.

RB said no, adding he was seeing Levin for court-ordered psychiatric treatment.

Levin’s hands can be seen in part of the video touching RB’s genitals.

“(Levin’s) describing here, the function of your penis?” Archer asked.

“It would seem so,” RB reonded.

Archer then asked RB to pinpoint when, in the video, Levin sexually assaulted him.

“He had no reason to touch my penis,” RB responded.

“He’s a psychiatrist.” Archer then questioned RB about several deleted recordings made with the wristwatch.

In one segment, made three days after the March 3 appointment, RB recorded himself partying with his neighbours and telling them about taping the previous session with Levin.

RB told Archer he wanted compensation for what he went through, but denied he ever intended to use the recorded sessions to extort money from Levin.

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Posted on February 28th, 2013