Disputing The Prosecution’s Evidence

Greg Dunn is currently serving as defense counsel for Dr. Aubrey Levin. Dr. Levin currently is on trial for sexual assault while working as a court appointed psychologist. Greg Dunn’s criminal defence team has suggested that the Crown has given preferential treatment to a potential witness in exchange for testimony. If you are facing criminal charges for sexual assault, sexual interference, or other serious criminal charges, contact our criminal law office in Calgary and speak with our legal defence team about your criminal matter.

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One of the men allegedly sexually assaulted by Calgary psychiatrist Dr. Aubrey Levin was being treated for suicidal thoughts, court heard Wednesday.

The witness, who can’t be named, said he was referred to the forensic unit of the Peter Lougheed Centre after going to Rockyview hospital in 2009 for mental health issues.

He said during a five-day admission to the psychiatric unit, he was treated by Levin.

But the man’s testimony was derailed before he got into any details of any alleged sexual abuse by Levin.

Defence counsel Greg Dunn said he had an issue with an appointment card the witness produced which had an addition on it by the patient.

As a result, jurors in the six-week-old case were dismissed early once again, leaving Justice Donna Shelley, Archer and Crown prosecutor Bill Wister to deal with it. Jurors — who have spent the vast majority of the trial either waiting in the jury room or sent home — were told to return Thursday.

The trial was originally scheduled to end by last Friday, but has been extended until mid-December after a series of delays, including one as a result of Levin firing his defence team, before bringing in Archer.

Levin, 73, faces 10 charges of sexual assault in connection with incidents between 1999 and 2010 involving male patients. Unlike the first two alleged victims called by Wister, the latest witness, the third complainant to testify in the case, was not referred to Levin by a court order.




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Posted on February 21st, 2013