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Greg Dunn is currently serving as defense counsel for Dr. Aubrey Levin. Dr. Levin currently is on trial for sexual assault while working as a court appointed psychologist. Greg Dunn’s criminal defence team has suggested that the Crown has given preferential treatment to a potential witness in exchange for testimony. If you are facing criminal charges for sexual assault, sexual interference, or other serious criminal charges, contact our criminal law office in Calgary and speak with our legal defence team about your criminal matter.

Suggested Preferential Treatment For Witness

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Crown lawyer Frances Turner said the allegations against the witness, who can’t be identified, were dropped days before Levin’s trial began because key witnesses couldn’t be found.

Turner said an exhaustive police search couldn’t locate the alleged 16-year-old victim, nor his family.

And Turner said she even had one officer looking for them until the last moment she could wait to before cancelling the witness’ jury trial.

“I encouraged him to keep trying right up to the eve of the trial,” she told defence lawyer Karen Molle.

Molle and co-counsel Greg Dunn have suggested the witness was given preferential treatment to ensure he would testify in Levin’s case.

Turner said she didn’t make an application for an adjournment of the case she was prosecuting to give officers more time to look for the family.

But she said even if she had, such a bid would have been doomed to fail.

“We can make that application, but there’s no guarantee we would be successful,” she told Molle.

“In my opinion, in this case, with no witnesses to be found, no justice would grant me an adjournment,” Turner said.

Levin, 73, faces nine charges of sexual assault involving former psychiatric patients, some of whom were sent to him under court order.

His trial, which began on Oct. 10, continues on Monday.




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Posted on February 10th, 2013