Twitter War Over Checkstops In Alberta

It would seem that some citizens of Edmonton were just as annoyed as the Edmonton police with individuals on Twitter who have made a point of tweeting out the location of police checkstops during the New Years Eve celebrations. While the police recognize that they can not stop citizens from openly tweeting checkstop locations, they are frustrated as it undermines their ability remove drunk drivers from the city roads while ensuring that other drivers get home safe.

“The whole goal of the (Checkstop) program is to make sure everyone gets home safely. By posting locations of checkstops, you’re circumventing that whole process.”, said Edmonton Police Service spokesman, Scott Pattison.

Those committed to tweeting the locations, however, argue that by alerting people to Checkstops, it will deter drunk drivers from getting in their cars in the first place, knowing police are cracking down on impaired people.

According to the Edmonton Journal, in 2012 there were 78 people killed and 1,268 injured in Alberta by impaired drivers.




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Posted on January 10th, 2014