Cocaine Possession & Trafficking Charges

In recent years, cocaine has had a growing insurgence amongst social drug users. Considered a heavy drug by society in general, cocaine carries strong addictive qualities, taking a toll on its users. The Crown has thus made efforts to fully prosecute those brought up on narcotic charges related to both the possession and , regardless whether it’s your first offense or you’re facing multiple drug charges.

Seek the legal counsel of Greg Dunn’s Calgary criminal lawyer office immediately – 1-587-315-0666 – if you are charged with or within the Province of Alberta. Failure to solicit the advice of an experienced, skillful drug defense attorney may result in heavy penalties, with lasting effects on the future of you and the ones you love.

Crack Cocaine Possession & Trafficking

Derived from pure cocaine, crack cocaine is a modified version with proven health effects and serious addiction issues. Viewed as felony drug possession, class cocaine and crack cocaine with the same severity of charges and sentences.

If you have been charged with the possession of crack or dealing crack cocaine, you should consult our Calgary criminal lawyers immediately. Serious charges with heavy drug possession penalties require the skill and thoroughness of an experienced narcotics lawyer such as Greg Dunn: 1-587-315-0666.




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What Are the Penalties for Cocaine in Alberta?

Cocaine (coke) possession charges will have you looking at a 7-year prison sentence, under an indictable offense in Alberta. Within Alberta’s drug possession laws, will have you (the accused) facing a possible life-sentence in prison.

The Crown is highly motivated to seek maximum penalties for the distribution of cocaine and crack cocaine in Alberta, due to cocaine’s high profitability as well as its relation to gang violence and street level crime.

Not too excited about those prison sentences? Protect your future with the skilled criminal law team at Greg Dunn’s criminal law office in Calgary, Alberta. We build your felony drug possession defense and work towards getting your drug possession penalties reduced.

Trafficking Can Derail Your Future

When facing cocaine trafficking or in Alberta, you will need a criminal lawyer who can examine the terms under which you were arrested, question the evidence, challenge the police investigation, and argue or negotiate for your dismissal or a reduced sentence.

If you have been charged with or in, contact our drug defense team in Calgary, Alberta, to defend your rights and minimize the drug possession penalties you are facing.