Drug Paraphernalia Lawyers

Facing Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Calgary, Alberta?

Not only is it a crime in Alberta to be in , narcotics, and/or controlled substances; it is also illegal to possess any tools, devices, or instruments that may be used to take, ingest, inhale, or inject those illegal substances.

If convicted, your arrest for the possession of drug paraphernalia will have detrimental affects years later. At Greg Dunn, our drug possession lawyers will fight to protect your rights, your reputation, your future, and your freedom. Call our Calgary criminal lawyers today at 1-587-315-0666.

Drug Paraphernalia Examples

Did you know that any number of instruments, household devices, and everyday utensils may be considered drug paraphernalia by law enforcement officials in Alberta? Along with the drugs they may be used for, the following is a list of everyday examples:

  • Wrapping or rolling papers: used to roll drugs into cigarette form
  • Plastic bags or baggies: used to transport and deliver specific amounts of narcotics
  • Scales: used to weigh drugs for sale or distribution
  • Bongs: marijuana, hashish
  • Bowls: marijuana, hashish
  • Pipes: marijuana, hashish
  • Spoons: heroin, crack cocaine, etc.
  • Light bulbs: crystal methamphetamine (crystal meth)
  • Syringes: heroin, anabolic steroids, performance enhancing drugs




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Alberta’s Drug Possession Laws and Drug Possession Penalties

Being arrested for drug paraphernalia, with the intent to use, in Calgary, Alberta, falls under Alberta’s drug possession laws. Although classed as a misdemeanor offense, the making, manufacturing, selling, and delivering of drug paraphernalia may be considered a felony.

For a criminal conviction, may include fines, court-ordered treatment programs, and a prison sentence. Greg Dunn, a drug possession lawyer serving Calgary, has the focused experience to successfully defend clients who’ve been arrested and charged with possession of illegal drugs and/or .

Contact Our Experienced Drug Lawyers Today: Protect Your Future!

Being arrested for a drug crime – felony drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, , forged prescriptions – in Calgary, Alberta, carries severe legal, administrative, and financial consequences. Long after conviction, your drug possession penalties will be difficult to escape.

What can you do now? Minimize any drug possession penalty you may face and consult with the respected, skillful advice of drug lawyer, Greg Dunn – 1-587-315-0666.