Drug Possession Lawyers

Serious consequences follow a conviction of a drug possession charge, interrupting the very life you built. Whether it’s a minor charge of marijuana possession or a felony drug possession, protect your future with our trusted criminal law attorneys at Greg Dunn, who have a reputation of fighting for your rights and your future.

Our Drug Possession Defense Experience Bring Peace of Mind

Alberta’s drug possession laws prohibit you, the accused, from being in possession of illegal or illicit substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, ecstasy, methamphetamines, etc. To prove a drug possession, the prosecution must establish your knowledge of the illegal substance as well as your control over said illicit substance.

Drug possession penalties, for a criminal conviction, may include fines, court-ordered treatment programs, and a prison sentence. In Calgary, Alberta, Greg Dunn has built a reputation as a successful drug possession lawyer, providing the focused experience needed to successfully defend clients who’ve been arrested and charged with illegal , marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, oxycontin, pain killers, prescription drugs, etc.




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Our committed criminal law team will diligently question the lawful obtainment of the evidence against you, as well as undermine the police investigation and the prosecution’s case, thus potentially lessening the drug possession penalty you may face. We will ask such questions as:

  • Was a search warrant issued?
  • Were the terms of the warrant executed properly?
  • Was there probably cause to issue the search warrant?
  • Was there probable cause to allow a wiretap?
  • Is the quality of the evidence against you at all questionable?

Calgary, Alberta: Work with a Drug Possession Criminal Defense Team You Trust

A conviction of a drug possession charge will have a devastating impact on your life, your career, your finances, and your family life … long after your sentence is behind you. Don’t put your future at risk if you’ve been arrested on a drug possession charges in Alberta – contact Greg Dunn, your dedicated criminal defense lawyer at today – 1-587-315-0666.