Drug Trafficking and Drug Importation

When you are arrested, in Calgary, for drug possession with a substantial quantity, you could be facing additional charges: possession of drugs for the purpose of drug trafficking. Both are serious charges; both require the expertise and skillful defense that Greg Dunn can offer as a focused drug possession lawyer serving Calgary.

Defend Yourself Against Trafficking Charges

We have successfully defended clients who’ve been arrested and charged with illegally , marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamines, heroin, oxycontin, pain killers, and other prescription drugs.

Drug trafficking, within the Canadian criminal code, leaves the interpretation of whether the evidence against you was obtained lawfully or not. For this reason, ensure you are protecting your rights, as well as your future, with a trusted, knowledgeable drug traffic attorney. Greg Dunn will develop your defense for the best possible outcome.

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In Canada, our prohibit you from trafficking illegal substances, including but not limited to: marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, crystal meth, ecstasy, oxycontin, pain killers, and other prescription drugs. Fortunately, the Crown must prove you, the charged party, had both the knowledge of the illegal substance as well as control over that substance.

A guilty drug trafficking and drug importation conviction will bring such penalties as fines, court-ordered treatment programs, court fees, and significant prison sentences. Greg Dunn and his skilled criminal defense team can successfully undermine the prosecution’s case by scrutinizing your drug trafficking arrest, the police investigation, and their collection of evidence.

If found guilty of illegal drug trafficking or illegal drug importation, you will be dealing with long-term negative repercussions. Don’t wait to protect your future, call your team of drug lawyers today at Greg Dunn – 1-587-315-0666.




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