Accused of Drunk Driving in Alberta?

Being arrested or accused of driving under the influence or happen quickly and when you may least suspect it. Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI) are crimes that can be committed by anyone: regardless of age, race, profession, or socioeconomic status.

An experienced impaired driving lawyer can help you navigate through the trying times of having been arrested for a DUI. With an established reputation in Calgary, Alberta, a drunk driving lawyer can help you return to your normal life, avoiding a DUI charge.

The Risk of Losing Your License

Arrested or charged with driving drunk or causing a drunk driving accident? Choose a DUI attorney with a proven record of success against charges of driving impaired. You could lose your license or have your driving privileges suspended due to driving impaired or drunk driving accidents; your life could also be affected by one or more of the following:

  • Permanent criminal record
  • Termination of employment and career issues
  • Inhibited ability to work with or care for children
  • Mandatory treatment programs or DUI classes
  • DUI car insurance premium increases
  • Immigration status issues




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Alberta’s Impaired Driving Laws

Drunk driving laws state it’s illegal to operate a motor vehicle while one’s ability to operate said vehicle is impaired by alcohol. DWI laws also state that if you are taken into custody on suspicion of driving drunk, a qualified technician will take samples of your breath with a .

By determining how many milligrams of alcohol are present, DUI laws state the charge of over .08 is normally added if the driver’s breathalyzer sample registers over the legal limit. You can also be charged immediately when refusing to provide either a sample of your breath in a breathalyzer roadside or at the police station.

The goal of our DUI lawyers is to have much of the police and prosecutor’s evidence excluded. Greg Dunn is a respected DUI lawyer, qualified in examining the evidence and scrutinizing errors to assist in getting the evidence against you thrown out.

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