.05 Blood Alcohol Content

The duration of suspensions have increased as well as the length of vehicle seizure.:

You will also have the responsibility to cover all associated costs of towing your vehicle as well as impounding your vehicle when you’re arrested in Calgary, Alberta.

Blew a .08 in Alberta?

From a legal perspective, the key difference for drivers found with a .05 blood alcohol content are not charged under the Criminal Code; however, with a BAC over .08 you will be charged with a criminal offence and subject to much harsher penalties:

  • Prolonged license suspension
  • Criminal Code proceedings




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Know Your Limits When Drinking and Driving in Calgary, AB

The impact of drunk driving can be irreversible and devastating. You may want to re-evaluate what a safe consumption means to you. Of course, to be safe, if you know you are driving later, it is best to not consume any alcohol while you’re out.

Use caution when reading over the following BAC charts, they are only meant to serve as guidelines:

Male Blood Alcohol Chart

Female Blood Alcohol Chart

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