What is Alberta’s Ignition Interlock Program?

The Alberta ignition interlock program installs a personal breathalyzer device in your vehicle – a personal BAC ignition device. This device tests your blood alcohol content, just as a breathalyzer would, either allowing or restricting your driving privileges depending on the result. If you blow over the legal limit, your vehicle won’t start.

When is the Ignition Interlock Program Enforced in Alberta?

The ignition interlock is mandatory for all drivers convicted of impaired driving or if you refused to provide a breath sample or blood sample. If you have more than one alcohol-related (e.g. second offence or third offence) Criminal Code conviction in the past 10 years, you will also be a participant of the mandatory ignition interlock program.

Alberta: Mandatory Ignition Interlock Program Costs

As a mandatory participant, you will be responsible for all costs associated with this program:

  • $63 – application fee, plus all Registry Agent fees;
  •  $150 + GST – one-time installation fee;
  •  $105 + GST – monthly rental fee;
  •  $50 + GST for ignition device removal;
  •  $220 – Planning Ahead Driver Program (costs subject to change); (or)
  •  $750 Impact Driver Program (costs subject to change);
  •  Fees for restricted operator’s license and all road test fees.




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Are You Possibly Exempt from Alberta’s Mandatory Ignition Interlock Program?

As all ignition interlock program activity is recorded and monitored, you may want to look into your eligibility to being exempt from using the ignition device. Greg Dunn is a knowledgeable impaired driving lawyer in Calgary who will help you determine whether you match the criteria for exemption and plan your strategy to minimize your consequences.

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