Bill 26: Alberta’s New DUI Law

New impaired driving legislation was passed in January 2012 in Alberta: Bill 26 amends the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, introducing tougher penalties, including longer license suspensions and vehicle seizures for those caught driving under the influence.

The new DUI laws also target repeat offenders, drivers whose blood alcohol content meets or exceeds the .05 blood alcohol content even if they are under the .08 BAC legal limit under the Criminal Code. If you’ve had your license suspended, your vehicle seized, or you are facing criminal charges as a result of drinking and driving, Bill 26 plays a relevant role to your situation now.

Tougher DWI Penalties Under Bill 26

Under Bill 26, Alberta’s amendments to the drinking and driving laws raises the stakes for impaired drivers. With a .05 blood alcohol content, you are now facing a 3-day suspension for a first offence as well as a 3-day vehicle seizure – not the previous 24-hr license suspension.

The legal limit is .08 BAC for a criminal offence of impaired driving and even a first offender under Bill 26, will be facing a sustained license suspension, vehicle seizure, and a criminal charge. Participation in the mandatory ignition interlock program will also be required, upon your conviction.




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Prolonged Consequences of Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving isn’t a standard traffic offence where you can pay your fine and you’re done with it. You will be responsible for all costs associated with towing and impounding your vehicle, on top of all the other fees.

Depending on your drunk driving charges, you may need to reconfigure your world with your license suspension, which is intact until all your criminal charges are resolved. With sustained license suspensions for offences over the .08 BAC, you could be facing an indefinite suspension.

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