Breathalyzer Use in Alberta

When suspected of driving while impaired, a police officer can demand you take a roadside sobriety test (e.g. Intoxilyzer, Alco-Sensor, Alco-Sur, Breathalyzer, etc.), including taking a blood sample to test your blood alcohol content (BAC).

These screening devices test the amount of alcohol on your breath, which is used to determine your BAC. You may be taken back to the station to be tested on an approved instrument – Intoxilyzer, Breathalyzer, Intoximeter, BAC Datamaster, etc. – should you fail your screening test.

Accuracy of a Breathalyzer

In Alberta, the machines currently used to test your blood alcohol content have a high degree of accuracy; although rare, a false positive reading can happen.

Skewed breathalyzer results may happen due to:

  • Calibration of the device
  • Quality of the breath sample
  • Mouth alcohol bias
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Health of the individual providing the sample




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Testing for Blood Alcohol Content

The legal limit is the point at which you will be charged with a criminal offence for impaired driving. However, with recent legislative changes, in Alberta, you will be facing sanctions for drinking and driving even if you blow below the legal limit.

DUI laws, also known as DWI laws or impaired driving laws, prohibit you from operating a motor vehicle when your ability to operate that vehicle is impaired. If you are taken into custody suspected of drunk driving, under DWI laws, you will be required to provide a technician breath samples into a breathalyzer-type device to determine the level of milligrams of alcohol present per 100 milliliters of blood.

Driving Penalties & Breathalyzer Results

Although a breathalyzer test doesn’t amount to a conviction, it does however carry significant penalties under Alberta law. Depending on your breathalyzer results, you may be facing vehicle seizure as well as anywhere from a 3-day license suspension to a sustained license suspension, pending the resolution of your criminal charges.

Don’t Wait, Protect Your Future!

With the over-reliance on breathalyzer results by the justice system, consult with your at Greg Dunn to protect your rights and lawfully question the accuracy of your administered breathalyzer test – you may need to have your blood tested to question their DUI charges.

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