DUI Vehicle Seizures in Calgary

Under Alberta law, operating a vehicle or found to be in care of or control of a motor vehicle with a .05 blood alcohol content or higher will earn you an immediate vehicle seizure. with all towing and impounding charges done at your expense.

How Long My Vehicle Be Seized For?

No matter your blood alcohol content (BAC) Bill 26 has instituted the same length of time for vehicle seizures:

  • First Offence: 3-day vehicle seizure
  • Second Offence: 7-day vehicle seizure
  • Third Offence: 21-day vehicle seizure

One thing to remember, if you are driving on a Graduated Drivers’ License Program  license, you are subject to a zero-tolerance policy – any GDL driver found with a blood alcohol content over .00 BAC is automatically subject to a 7-day vehicle seizure.

Further penalties will be incurred for a BAC over .08, as you will then be facing criminal charges under the Criminal Code. So, if you have experienced a DUI vehicle seizure, don’t hesitate in contacting Greg Dunn as your to immediately to get your drinking and driving case professionally handled.




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What are the Costs of Having a Vehicle Seized?

Towing a standard vehicle to an impound lot, in Calgary, Alberta, costs about $95, plus an additional $2 for every kilometer over 5 km. Keep in mind, prices will vary depending on location, size of your vehicle, etc. Larger vehicles are looking at a base minimum of $163 per tow, plus the additional kilometer charges.

Storage fees generally accrue daily, around $28 plus GST. For more information on towing: .

Now What?

Like many folks, you rely on your vehicle for commuting to work, daily errands, kids’ responsibilities, etc. Going without it simply isn’t an option for you. Trust the qualified legal counsel of Greg Dunn and call today to discuss your legal strategy to minimize your DWI penalties – 1-587-315-0666.