Juvenile Impaired Driving Lawyer

As for many parts of Canada, in Calgary, Alberta, the legal age to consume alcohol is 18, with a legal limit of .08 blood alcohol content. Let’s face it, that doesn’t mean your children are complying with the law.

If you are under the age of 18, and caught drinking and driving in Calgary or the surrounding area, you should know Canada has a zero tolerance law for juvenile impaired driving. If caught drinking and driving, you will be facing severe legal and administrative penalties.

Has your child been caught driving under the influence? Seek the counsel of our trusted youth DUI defence attorneys immediately. At Greg Dunn, we will gather the facts and help you strategize a DWI defence to protect the rights of your child.

Penalties for Underage DUI

Automatically, any youth caught driving with a BAC at or above .02 will be charged with a DWI. No additional evidence is needed for the police to charge the young offender with impaired driving in Calgary, Alberta, once their BAC registers at or above the .02 mark.

As with adults, young drivers convicted of a juvenile DUI will face severe fines, fees, loss of their driving privileges, and possibly a jail sentence. If they are caught with any alcohol in their system while operating a vehicle with a GDL (graduated driver’s license), they will automatically be subjected to a 7-day vehicle seizure.

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