License Suspension for Impaired Driving

Did you know that impaired driving sanctions are imposed at .05 blood alcohol content, even though the legal limit is .08 blood alcohol content? Suspensions for driving with a have been issued for sometime now, but Bill 26 extends this power to suspensions and vehicle seizures.

Police are able to enforce a license suspension as soon as you’re charged, while you’re in care and control of a motor vehicle. The charges you face determine the duration of your license suspension.

At Greg Dunn’s criminal law office in Calgary, our is known for their expertise and thoroughness to successfully defend your drinking and driving charges. More arrests are occurring in Alberta for driving while impaired, as police may suspect drivers of or legal prescription medications, not just alcohol.

Approached to Resolution

By using the following approaches, our lawyers have maintained a stellar record defending DUI arrest:

  • Questioning the legality of the traffic stop
  • Cross-examining witness testimony
  • Challenging the methods for determining your sobriety
  • Calling upon expert toxicologist’s testimony, when appropriate, to dispute the Crown’s evidence
  • Questioning the police investigation and their protocols
  • Employing challenges to Alberta’s laws, codes, statutes, and legislation.




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Facing a License Suspension in Calgary
for BAC .05 or a BAC Over .05?

The duration of license suspensions has increased with the implementation of Alberta’s Bill 26, in January 2012, from 24-hours to:

  • First offence: 3-day license suspension
  • Second offence: 15-day license suspension
  • Third offence: 30-day license suspension

In addition to a licence suspension, an impaired driving charge also results in additional costs for vehicle seizure, towing, and impounding your vehicle.

BAC .08 or Higher?

Along with the standard penalties, you may be waiting up to a year for your court date and you can’t drive until the criminal charge is resolved. Once convicted, further penalties and/or restrictions will also likely apply.

Protect Your Future

Drinking and driving is a regrettable mistake; don’t compound your mistake by facing your DUI charges alone. Have a dedicated drunk driving defence team review your options and strategize a course of action. You may be driving again sooner than you think. Call the impaired driving lawyers at Greg Dunn now: 1-587-315-0666.