Out-of-Province DUI Lawyers Serving Calgary

By it’s economic nature, Alberta is a transient province, with many people working and visiting here. Indulging in alcohol over the duration of one’s visit can be expected. Getting arrested for drinking and driving or impaired driving is not.

Facing charges for a DUI in Alberta is a stressful experience. It can be expensive ordeal with several complexities in every case. It should be noted that your arrest, and possible conviction, in Alberta can impact your driving privileges in your home province. Our skilled, respected can help you handle all aspects regarding your arrest and can clearly explain your options.

Consequences of an Out-of-Province Impaired Driving Charge

Canadian/provincial motor vehicle license are a privilege, not your legal right. The issuing province basically owns your license, thus that Province may also suspend your license or even revoke it entirely if they see you as a on-going risk. With an out-of-province DWI, not only can Alberta , but also the issuing Province may suspend your driving privileges when informed of your legal issues in Alberta. This is why you will require the experience of our to defend your DUI case, if you’ve been formally charged with drinking and driving in Alberta.

Protect Your License and Your Future

If you have been charged with an out-of-province DUI, you must protect yourself from such charges. An arrest in Calgary, or elsewhere in Alberta, for DUI, DWI, or drinking and driving offenses can greatly affect your life. Being licensed elsewhere in Canada is unlikely to alleviate any legal distress. At , our focused will help you strategize your drunk driving defense, help save your driving privileges, and get you back on your feet. Call us today – 1-587-315-0666.




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