Third Offense Impaired Driving in Alberta

Under the Criminal Code, they all mean the same, and all are an offense that heavily affects your life. A third offense carries the heaviest of penalties under . Don’t take this charge lightly, nor face the charges without experienced legal guidance from Greg Dunn: 1-587-315-0666.

With a solid reputation for successfully, aggressively, , the law offices of Greg Dunn diligently defend your rights against a DUI arrest with the following approaches:

  • Question the legality of the traffic stop
  • Challenge the methods for determining sobriety
  • Challenges to Alberta’s laws, codes, statutes, and legislation
  • Cross-examination of witness testimony, the police investigation, and procedures
  • Leveraging expert toxicologist’s testimony to refute the Crown’s evidence

Impaired driving arrests typically involve drinking and driving, although the driver may be suspected of a substance, chemical, or condition impairing their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Mistakes, such a driving drunk, happen. Retain the help of our dedicated for your best chance of getting your drunk driving arrest conviction reduced, if not dismissed all together.

Between .05 and .08 Blood Alcohol Content?

Being charged with having a blood alcohol content (BAC) between .05 and .08 a third time, you will be facing:

  • 7-day vehicle seizure
  • Mandatory Impact course

As with previous offenses, you will be responsible for all towing and impounding fees, as well as per-day impounding costs, fees for the mandatory courses, increased car insurance premiums, etc.




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What if You Blow Over .08 Blood Alcohol Content?

The Provincial penalties for having a .08 blood alcohol content, or higher, are:

After conviction, with two prior convictions for impaired driving, you will normally face a jail sentence, the length of which will depend on the precise number of prior convictions, other criminal record entries, as well as dates of the convictions. As you can see, it’s imperative you seek the respected counsel of our at Greg Dunn’s Calgary criminal law office to defend your charges or mitigate your sentence.

Remember, on a third offense, you are facing an indefinite license suspension, as the suspension is not lifted until your criminal charges are resolved. The Alberta Registrar may also invoke a Provincial suspension of 5 years, or again an indefinite suspension.

Defend Your Rights

Get back on your feet as soon as possible, with as minimal damage to your lifestyle; consult with our today to strategize your defense. If you’ve been charged with a third offense impaired driving charge and/or a refusal charge, take control today – 1-587-315-0666.