Assault Causing Bodily Harm Charges in Alberta

Criminal assault, also known as physical assault, is construed as unwanted touching or touching without consent. You could be facing harsh penalties, should you be arrested for or charged with:

  • Assault involving a domestic dispute
  • Other violent crimes
  • Felony assault charge. (indictable)

Alberta’s assault laws allow for those accused to avoid punishment, or receive lesser penalties, on the grounds of self-defense. The self-defense argument is very technical in criminal assault cases, but if used successfully, it can also be presented in cases of: , assault causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, or even murder.

Greg Dunn is a detail-focused assault defense lawyer that can formulate unique strategies to present evidence in your defense, along with witness testimony and cross-examination, challenging the police investigation, as well as the prosecution’s case.

Our criminal assault lawyers have successfully defended clients charged with the following violent crimes:

  • Domestic violence charges / Domestic assault charges
  • Murder charges
  • Uttering threats
  • Robbery charges
  • Disorderly conduct charges
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Public mischief charges




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Avoid a Criminal Record

In Alberta, assault laws have no criminal code specifically for domestic violence, also known as spousal assault. Therefore, if you’ve been charged with domestic assault, your charges fall under the same criminal code as: assault, aggravated assault, or assault causing bodily harm. As both the offender and the domestic assault victim so often disagree as to how the event took place, domestic assault and battery incidents involve a “he said/she said” altercation.

In the area of spousal assault, our criminal assault lawyers in Calgary have assisted many clients in order to avoid a criminal record, in Calgary, Alberta. We are able to negotiate with the Crown to enact a restraining order – either an 810 peace bond or a recognizance order – instead of the assault charge. Call our Calgary law offices at 1-587-315-0666.

Facing Aggravated Assault Charges?

It’s important to have an experienced team of felony assault lawyers, such as Greg Dunn, who can properly develop a successful aggravated assault defense for your. With the right aggravated assault attorney in your corner, you can minimize your potential felony assault penalties: fines, court-ordered treatment programs, as well as prison sentences.

Protect Your Right To Self-Defense: At Work and Play

It is easy for situations normally handled without incident to escalate into violence. Assault in the workplace, or employee/employer violence, can result from periods of high stress or the culmination of long-term animosity and/or harassment. Greg Dunn is a dedicated who continually defends clients who have had to defended themselves against threats and physical harm during workplace violence and altercations, such as at bars and nightclubs.

In such situations, a self-defense argument is complex, as many unnecessary factors may lead someone to feeling the need to defend themselves. Our self-defense attorney / lawyers have successfully argued self-defense for the reduction of a criminal assault sentence or even the dismissal of the sentence with:

  • Doorman responsibilities / bouncer responsibilities
  • Provocation in bar fights
  • Over-serving alcohol
  • Weapons in a night club
  • Metal detectors
  • Dress codes

Protect Your Rights

A conviction for committing a violent crime, including assault causing bodily harm, will impact your future, including losing custody of your children in family court issues. If you have been arrested for an , don’t put your future at risk; contact the skilled, dedicated legal team at Greg Dunn’s law office today: 1-587-315-0666.