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Breaking & Entering (B&E), referred to as home invasion when the occupants are present, is a crime that carries a significan penalty if you’re convicted. If you’ve been charged with this offense, it’s very important that you contact a qualified criminal defence lawyer that fight hard to defend your rights.

What is Home Invasion?

Home invasion is a crime that is covered under 348 of the Canadian Criminal Code, known as Breaking and entering with intent. Breaking and entering is the crime of breaking into a place with the intent to commit a criminal offence therein.  The word intent is important as it means a person can be guilty of break and enter even if they do not actually commit a crime once inside the property.

Home invasion is a colloquial term used to describe breaking and entering into a domicile when the residents are home. Although it is not covered under it’s own code, home invasions are considered very serious as they often result in crimes greater than the breaking and entering itself. Courts will often consider the increased probability of assault, murder, or rape, when judging and sentencing the accused.


If you are convicted of breaking and entering into a dwelling, you could be sentenced to imprisonment for life.  Breaking and entering into a  non-dwelling, such as a business or industrial building, has the maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

These prison sentences are very serious and reflect how important the courts takes the matter of breaking an entering. Judges will almost always be tougher on home invasions because of the increased prevalence of violent crime that often goes along with them.

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