Prostitution and Solicitation Lawyers in Calgary

Circumstances out of your control can lead to an arrest for prostitution and solicitation. Just because you have been charged with offenses revolving around solicitation and prostitution does not mean you will have a criminal record.

Alberta’s laws revolving around solicitation and prostitution are open to interpretation. If you have been arrested and charged with a prostitution or solicitation offense, our prostitution defense team at Greg Dunn’s Calgary criminal law office will work aggressively on your behalf to refute your charges and the prosecution’s case.

Alberta’s Laws versus Paying For Sex

Contrary to population perception, prostitution is not a crime in Canada. Trading money for sexual services is not a criminal offense either in Canada. Many activities, however, typically associated with prostitution are considered criminal offenses. To buy sexual favours, to arrange to buy sexual favours, or to communicate for those purposes are not indictable offenses; if these actions are done or attempted in public places, it is then considered a criminal offense.

While prostitution may not be a criminal act in Canada, many laws make the activities associated with prostitution illegal. Engaging in sexual acts in a public place is an offense, falling under the indecent act provisions of the Criminal Code; engaging in an act of prostitution, even in the privacy of your own car, can result in a criminal charge, if caught.

The exchange of sex for money is not a criminal act in itself; however, when the act of prostitution occurs in a location regularly used for the purposes of prostitution, the location is deemed a common bawdy-house. Running a bawdy-house, to work in one, or to allow one to be operated on a premise which you have control over is illegal. Simply offering to take someone to a common bawdy-house is punishable by Alberta law.

The criminal code does however have statutes dealing with other business aspects of prostitution and solicitation. Pimping is the activity of living on the avails of prostitution, which carries penalties including up to fourteen (14) years in prison. Other statutes, such as to induce, to persuade, or to force someone into prostitution – both in and out of Canada, are criminal acts.

It is an indictable offense to buy sexual favours from or to communicate for the purpose of buying sexual favours from someone under 18 years of age. It carries a minimum six (6) months jail term.

What is Considered Solicitation for Prostitution?

Soliciting is defined under Article 213, Criminal Code of Canada, as: to communicate with another person, in a public place, with the objective of practicing prostitution. Thus, it is against the law to solicit a client by offering sexual services. The police must prove you, the sex worker, solicited your client in order to charge you with solicitation. Contact our Greg Dunn’s criminal law team in Calgary to coordinate your defense and challenge the police investigation if you have been charged with solicitation or prostitution – 1-587-315-0666.

Defend Your Rights, Contact Our Criminal Lawyers

Have you been charged with engaging in prostitution in a public place or solicitation of prostitution? You could be facing serious penalties, impacting your future – a prison sentence, mandatory counseling, forfeiture of your vehicle, and/or being reported on the National Sex Crimes Register.

Protect your future, contact the prostitution and solicitation defense team at Greg Dunn’s law firm to strategize your defense – 1-587-315-0666.




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