Charged With Resisting Arrest in Calgary?

Resisting arrest is a serious offense in Alberta. Regardless of how the situation occurred, what began as a misunderstanding can lead to a criminal offense. A charge of resisting arrest may come about at a routine traffic stop, or running from police. It is possible that you had a warrant on file that you were unaware of, yet, avoiding arrest knowingly or unwittingly is the same offense. Outstanding warrants can be built up from minor infractions, or unpaid traffic tickets. If you are caught with an outstanding warrant you can be arrested by a police officer; however, resisting arrest only makes your situation worse.

If you have been charged with resisting arrest you may now be facing multiple charges. Greg Dunn has the expertise you need to get these resisting arrest charges reduced or dropped.

Associated Offences of Resisting Arrest

It is uncommon that resisting arrest is the only charge you are now facing if you attempted to evade a police officer.

Common primary charges are:

  • Drug Charges
  • Assault
  • Theft/Robbery
  • Juvenile Crimes

Resisting arrest can be treated as either a misdemeanor or a indictable offense in  the Province of Alberta. It will be the circumstances of how you attempted to avoid the arrest that determines if it is a misdemeanor or indictable offense. If you run from or evade police on foot it will most likely be a misdemeanor. If you use physical force, or assault, to resist arrest than it can be consider indictable in Alberta.

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