Accused of Contractor Fraud in Calgary?

With a booming construction economy in Alberta, a lot of money passes hands, and misunderstandings can turn into serious accusations amongst those working together in business. As a home remodeling, renovation, or repair business owner, you may be susceptible to accusations of fraud or fraudulent business practices. A fraud charge can ruin your professional life as well as your business reputation. To protect your best interests, consult Greg Dunn’s construction fraud defense team in Calgary.

Don’t face your fraud investigation alone. At Greg Dunn’s criminal law office, our contractor will fight for your rights and your reputation, if you have been accused of fraudulent business practices in the Calgary, Alberta, area. Call us today at 1-587-315-0666.

What Defines Contractor Fraud?

In the home repair, renovation, or construction industry, a disgruntled client can make you the subject of a fraud investigation. Perhaps you couldn’t resolve a disagreement. Did you have a dispute over the contract? They may have been unhappy with your work or feel they were slighted. Not only can a fraud investigation be cumbersome, but it can also hurt your business for years. Seek the professional, focused strategies of our fraud scam lawyers at Greg Dunn’s to defend your name.

Penalties for a Contractor Fraud Conviction

A number of legal and administrative penalties can become a reality if you’ve been convicted of contractor fraud: fines, fees, court costs, restitution, possible loss of your business license, or even jail time. Even if you aren’t convicted, your reputation can be tarnished simply by being investigated – costing you extraordinary amounts of money due to lost business. Protect your rights with the legal advice of Greg Dunn’s contractor .

Protect Your Rights

Let our contractor , in Calgary, Alberta, get to work with their vast knowledge of construction laws, renovation laws, and restoration laws. Whether you are working on houses, condos, garages, or decks, we will work aggressively to protect your rights and your business – even if you were hired for an upgrade, for repairs, for a new build. Don’t get caught in a scam or a case of fraud, consult our at 1-587-315-0666 today!




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