Accused of Credit Card Fraud ?

Credit card fraud is a legal term that involves the illegal use of another individual’s credit card, debit card, or similar payment method. Like Credit card fraud, debit card fraud is typically used to fraudulently obtain funds, goods, or services of someone else’s bank account. It is a serious crime in Alberta bringing severe legal and financial penalties.

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What Are The Penalties for Credit & Debit Card Fraud?

A conviction of credit card fraud may carry an extended prison sentence, costly fines, court costs, and attorney fees. Your reputation, your employment, and your freedom can be affected, if you’ve been accused of, or charged with, credit card fraud or debit card fraud. It is a very serious matter if you are being investigated for fraudulent use of credit cards or debit cards.

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What Constitutes Credit Card Fraud?

There are several types of credit card fraud that can be committed, including: using lost or stolen credit cards, obtaining credit cards illegally via post, or using/distributing counterfeit credit cards:

  • Prepaid Debit or Prepaid Visa Cards
  • Mastercards
  • Visa Cards
  • Debit Cards / Interact Cards
  • American Express (AMEX)

Accessing someone else’s credit card accounts, account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), and obtaining equipment or instruments to carry out a fraudulent act are also forms of credit card fraud.

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