Debit Card and Credit Card
Data Theft in Calgary, Alberta

Due to identity fraud’s anonymous nature, the Crown views these crimes with little tolerance, as they can often have long-standing financial impact for the victims of the scams. Often charged under the act of constructing virtual copies of a citizen’s personal identification or banking data, the accused tends to be caught due to a shopping spree or bank withdrawals through which they fraudulently use of another’s personal data.

The prevalent use of technology has heightened the circulation of personal data through email, online banking, and e-commerce, resulting in a significant rise of credit card and debit card data theft across Alberta. The act of fraud can often involve the falsified documentation of an individual under the motive of impersonating that individual for the personal gain of the accused.

Recently, prosecutors are reacting with greater sophistication, evidence, and severity of sentences when pressing such . If you have been accused of identity theft, , or debit card fraud, you must contact a skilled and dedicated identity theft attorney like Greg Dunn, in Calgary, Alberta – 1-587-315-0666.




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Penalties of Credit Card Data Theft
or Debit Card Data Theft in Alberta

The victims of those accused of credit card data theft, or bank card data theft, often draw the sympathies of the Court. Such ID theft cases are often very involved, as they entail extensive documentation and hard evidence. Zero-tolerance in Alberta courts is the norm applied by prosecutors in order to dissuade others tempted by get-rich-quick schemes.

Therefore, if you have been accused of credit card data theft, bank card data theft, or identity theft, meet with an experienced Calgary criminal lawyer immediately. At Greg Dunn’s criminal law firm, we have an in-depth knowledge in defending those accused of credit card fraud and can navigate you through the legal process, including avenues such as the validity of warrants and police procedures, disclosed by the Crown.

Frauds that involve values of $5,000 or less – “fraud under” – carry considerably lighter sentences than those involving fraud over $5,000. Fraud over $5,000 may also be considered property crime, leading to multiple counts of fraud. Depending on the circumstances of your fraud charges, you may also be facing Breach of Trust charges.

Are authorities accusing you of identity fraud crimes? Employ our Calgary criminal law attorneys to defend you against such accusations of credit card fraud, bank fraud, or charges being laid against you. The implied level of sophistication within your criminal charges can have a serious impact on your sentence.

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