Charged with Embezzlement?

What is Embezzlement?

A common white collar crime committed in Canadian society, embezzlement involves the misuse of company items, company property, or company finances an employee has been entrusted with. This misuse is typically performed by someone holding a higher level financial position, such as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Controller. Abusing their authority, they use company funds for personal use or personal financial gain.

, money laundering, etc., carry severe legal penalties if convicted. Ultimately, the penalty for embezzlement is determined by the actual monetary value of the misappropriated property.

Establishing a Case for Embezzlement

To be convicted of embezzlement, the prosecution must first demonstrate a fiduciary relationship between the accused and the person, party, or entity who lost or misused the property or funds. Then, they must prove the property or monies came into your possession via that fiduciary relationship. Lastly, the prosecution must then prove the defendant fraudulently assumed ownership of the property and intentionally misused the property.

Signs of Embezzling

As it is not uncommon for employees to have full access and liberties regarding company property, it can be easy for employees to embezzle said property. Common signs of embezzlement (also known as employee theft) are inaccurate accounting records – having inexplicable gaps in these accounting records.

Missing petty cash, multiple or duplicate payments, unbalanced payables and receivables are all signs of possible embezzlement. The prosecution may focus heavily on such items should your case go to trial.

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