Tax Evasion Defense Lawyers in Calgary

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) governs all private and commercial tax revenues across the country. The Canadian Tax Code for public citizens and private businesses can be convoluted and vague. The CRA is often seen as difficult to deal with as they have a very stern, strict approach to tax filings, payment timelines, and penalties.

Being accused of late filings and unpaid taxes can bring you a great deal of stress. To compound matters, the CRA’s approach to these matters is typically unforgiving and unsympathetic. For this very reason, consult with a criminal lawyer at Greg Dunn’s law office to help you focus on defending tax evasion and tax fraud accusations within the Province of Alberta.

Preparing a Tax Evasion Case?

Tax fraud and/or tax evasion charges in Canada are a very complex issue and can possibly trigger additional charges such as fraud. It is imperative that you work with an experienced tax lawyer when within Canada. A successful CRA prosecution results in years of processing and:

  • Seizure of personal assets and property
  • Compounding interest
  • Incarceration with significant jail time

As a specialized group of Federal prosecutors, the Canadian Revenue Agency doesn’t operate with the typical parameters of Provincial court. They have a depth of experience and endless resources to extract whatever assets they can from you for the Government of Canada’s benefit.

Carefully weigh the benefits of hiring a skilled, focused tax lawyer, equipped to combat tax evasion charges or tax fraud charges. With the assistance of our tax fraud lawyers, in Calgary, you can protect the seizure of your assets, freezing of financial funds, and ensure you don’t incriminate yourself through unnecessary disclosure of private documents or procedures.

Common Canada Revenue Agency Charges

Cases chosen for prosecution by CRA can be complex with reference to a high volume of documentation from both you (the defendant) and the agency. Such charges may involve years of research, interviews, and disclosure by the defendant for either tax fraud or tax evasion charges.

What are the common fraud related charges our tax fraud lawyers have successfully handled involving the Canada Revenue Agency?

  • Tax evasion
  • Failure to pay GST
  • Failure to pay corporate tax
  • Failure to pay Provincial tax
  • Filing a false statement
  • Misleading statement
  • Failure to file

Customs violations (failure to declare money, jewelry, or other merchandise at the border)

It’s important to know, your Calgary tax lawyers have the legal right to request and suppress certain aspects of the case.

Build a Defense

If you are facing tax fraud charges or charges of tax evasion in Alberta, contact our trusted, dedicated tax at Greg Dunn’s law office in Calgary, Alberta. Our law office offers focused experience in defending clients in these tax matters. Contact our Calgary criminal law office today to book your confidential consultation to discuss your tax matters – 1-587-315-0666.




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