What Defines a Trust Theft in Alberta?

Trust theft is commonly referred to as employee theft, workplace theft, or the more popular embezzlement. Check fraud, or check forgery, can also fall under the heading of a trust theft. Depending on the measure of theft, the penalties from such crimes of trust can be very serious. For most employers, it is company policy to report and charge accused employees in order to avoid any liabilities due to financial loses.

Have you been charged with a trust crime in Calgary, Alberta? Carefully consider your relationship with your employer, as well as their corporate staff. Weigh your legal options relating to your trust crime a consult with Greg Dunn’s criminal law attorneys in Calgary, Alberta, to leverage their experience with such cases.

Penalties for Employee Theft in Alberta

Most employee theft can be categorized under embezzling. When you are facing criminal charges for a trust theft, you should know there are two categories that accusations may fall into: major and minor employee theft. “Theft under $5,000” covers all trust crimes where less than $5,000 has been stolen – with a chance, you, the accused, may not be prosecuted for a .

In the case “theft over” or “theft over $5,000,” you will be prosecuted for assets valued greater than $5,000. The sentencing for breach of trust, such as these circumstances, can be severe. Qualifying as a , even for a first offense, you could be facing significant jail time.

Don’t leave your fate up to the prosecution! Consult with our skilled, thorough white collar crime lawyers at Greg Dunn’s law office to discuss the best strategy for your legitimate defense, as these breach of trust cases can be extremely complex and require a great deal of research and resources.

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Trust theft cases are very complex. They often carry significant prison sentences within Alberta law. If you have been charged with breach of trust, contact Greg Dunn’s Calgary criminal law office immediately to coordinate your defense – 1-587-315-0666. Don’t delay, defend your rights.




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